Water Beads

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10 Responses to “Water Beads”

  1. zaidah says:

    saya tak tahu mengapa selepas saya upload template, saya tidak boleh post a comment walaupun comment setting telah saya betulkan.mohon bantuan

  2. tanweer says:

    hi, thanks for ur nice templates
    i m using water beads templ. for my blog
    everything ok
    axcept “post a comment” link
    which is not working…
    i want to show always comment form under the post
    what should i do?
    thanks in advance…

  3. fitri says:

    mas,ijin pinjem templatenya yaa..tengkyuuu

  4. fi2 says:

    aku pake ya templatenya ^_^
    thx ya bozz

  5. teman says:

    bozz gw pake ya templatenya… and izin mo di modiv dikit back ground nya… gpp kan . thx

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