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7 Responses to “SWISHMax”

  1. Marina S. says:

    om makasi templatenya, kren banget, klo ada yg baru jg lupa bagi2 ya om. aq pecinta berat 3column template;) suskes selalu

  2. trippy says:

    Nice template…. just gonna try it now!

  3. loper says:

    BersaHaBat TeRaSa MesRa biLa aDa guRau CanDa, NmN TerKadaNg aDa Tgkh n ucAp tAk beKeNan dHaTi…MoHon Maaf LaHir BaTin..TaQobbaLallahu MiNna Wa MinKum..MaAfiN AnE Ye…

  4. agent99 says:


    Thanks for the template work.

    I’m searching for a 3 column alternative to the standard blogger rounders 2 template.

    I need a left hand sidebar added to support adsense and blogroll links positioned higher on the page than currently.

    Can you point me to a resource?



  5. Jaydeep says:

    Hi Man,

    This is really Great Work you are doing and it’s FREE. Thanks a Loooooooot


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